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Oud Living

Luxury must be comfortable,

otherwise it is not luxury.

As the name suggests, OUD means OLD. The brand is focused on self-care and comfort while finding its roots in luxurious, natural and age-old fabrics and environmentally conscious alternatives. ⁠Each piece is handmade to focus on quality and sustainability. ⁠Our designs are always-in-style color palettes to meet the needs of contemporary women looking for a range of minimalist to maximalist looks.

We are currently offering pure merino wool beanies and pure mulberry silk accessories like pillowcases, scarves, face masks, eye masks, and scrunchies in 100 gm fabric weight in a variety of colors and sizes. We are committed to responsible sourcing and ethical practices. ⁠10% of our profits go to girl child education in rural Punjab, India.


Anushka Neyol has been an entrepreneur since she was 20 years old. Her first venture was Nurture Baby Spa based out of Gurgaon in 2016-2019, where they pampered littles ones aging between 0-3 years with massages and hydrotherapy sessions. It was after she had moved on from Nurture that she started exploring premium natural fabrics for babies. She went on exploring from cashmere to silk to merino and so on.

Fast forward September 2020, the skin and hair issues caused by pandemic lifestyle made her take the plunge and start Oud Living.

She is always eager to be a part of igniting conversations related to entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, child education and environment conservation. You can connect with her at

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