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Do you provide International delivery?

We haven't started with international shipping yet. However, we will be happy to accomodate any of your special requests and ship internationally via FedEx or DHL.

How do I track my order?

Your order is generally shipped within 1-3 days of placing the order, and will reach you in next 4-5 days. We provide you the tracking details of your product as soon as it is shipping either via DM on Instagram or Whatsapp or Email. 

How do I return an item?

Due to hygienic reasons, none of the products in our current offerings are returnable or exchangeable. However, if a product has been damaged during shipping or otherwise, we will immediately try to replace it after email or phone verification with you.

Why is mulberry silk good for skin and hair?

Silk is a natural fibre made up of proteins. It has amino acids which help in boosting collagen in the skin and keeps like young and crease free. Unlike cotton, silk absorbs much less moisture, thus keeping your skin and hair supple and hydrated. Silk is extremely gentle on your skin and is a naturally heat regulating fabric. Silk is an ideal fabric for people with skin conditions like acne, eczema, sunburn because of its hypoallergenic and non-toxic properties. 

How is Charmeuse Mulberry Silk  different from Polyester Satin?

Silk is a natural fiber whereas satin is a weave. Satin can be created by used silk or other materials. Mulberry Silk is made up of natural protein and feel soft and gentle. Polyester Satin is an artificial fabric, is slippery and simply can't match the gentle feel of Mulberry Silk. Producing Silk Fibre is a delicate and labour intensive work, whereas Polyester Satin is mass produced , is readily available and generally used by many as a cheaper counterpart. Being made from polymers and petroleum, Polyester Satin is not breathable or soothing to skin, it can cause you sweat profusely and can irritate the skin.

What kind  of custom orders can you make with Mulberry Silk?

Be it a gift for your parents, friends, kids or you wanting to pamper yourself, we can make any custom silk products for you on demand. If you are a brand wanting to place a wholesale order or an influencer wanting to collaborate with us, please write to us at

What is a Momme?

Momme is the Japanese type of weight estimation. Articulated "moe-mie" and shortened as "mm," momme communicates the weight in pounds of a bit of silk estimating 45 inches wide by 100 yards in length (1.2 m by 90 m). One momme = 4.340 grams per square meter. Only the weight of silk is measured by momme, and a higher momme doesn't necessarily mean a higher quality.


The standard scope of momme weight for various weaves of silk are: 

Habutai—5 to 16 mm 

Chiffon—6 to 8 mm

Crepe de Chine—12 to 16 mm 

Organza—4 to 6 mm 

Charmeuse—12 to 30 mm 

The higher the weight in mommes, the more sturdy the weave, and better it is for solid use. We at Oud Living use 100 grams per square meter weight of charmeuse weave mulberry silk.

How do I care for my Mulberry Silk to make it last longer?

  • Soak your silk products in lukewarm water less than 30 degrees celsius. Rinse it with cold water.

  • Use only mild detergents and fabric conditioners. Try to use pH neutral detergent or a silk shampoo. 

  • Do not put your silk products in washing machine. 

  • Do not bleach, wring or tumble dry your silk products. 

  • Do not dry your silk products in direct sunlight. 

  • Iron on the fabric only in silk setting i.e. low temperature setting. It is a purely natural fabric made of protein which can get destroyed due to excessive heat. 

  • Do not mix with other colours and always wash your silk products separately. 

  • Do not spray perfume or anything on your silk products to avoid stains. 

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