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  • Pure Hemp Shirt
  • Pure Hemp Shirt
  • Pure Hemp Shirt
  • Pure Hemp Shirt
  • Pure Hemp Shirt
  • Pure Hemp Shirt

Pure Hemp Shirt


This 100% Pure Hemp Shirt is made using finest quality 130 gsm Pure Hemp Fabric Fabric. At the moment, only the color shown in the images is available, which is undyed and natural color of the fabric. 


Hemp consumes 10 times less water than Cotton to grow, which makes it environment friendly, it returns back 60% of the nutrients it takes from the soil, which makes it suitable to grow over long periods of time and when grown on the same land, it produces 2X amount of fiber than cotton and 6X that of of Flax (Linen), making it a sustainable choice of fabric. 


It naturally filters UV rays of Sun, is anti-microbial and super breathable. It is 4X durable than cotton, which makes it a good investment for your wardrobe essentials. 


The natural texture of the fabric makes it a super versatile piece of clothing which can be worn in day as well as night time throughout the year. 


Please reach out to us at 9654822890 on whatsapp or DM on Instagram if you have doubts regarding the sizing and to request customisations in color. Check out the last image in the carousel for size chart reference.

    • Soak your hemp products in lukewarm water less than 30 degrees celsius. Rinse it with cold water.
    • Use only mild detergents and fabric conditioners. Try to use pH neutral detergent or a linen/hemp cleanser. 
    • Do not put your hemp products in washing machine. 
    • Do not bleach, wring or tumble dry your hemp products. 
    • Do not dry your hemp products in direct sunlight. 
    • Iron on the fabric in linen setting.
    • Do not mix with other colours and always wash your hemp products separately. 
    • Do not spray perfume or anything on your hemp products to avoid stains.
    • We recommend getting your hemp clothing dry cleaned. 
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