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  • Plain Headband
  • Plain Headband
  • Plain Headband
  • Plain Headband
  • Plain Headband
  • Plain Headband

Plain Headband


The Mulberry Silk Plain Headband is available in 1.5 inch width.


These Plain Headbands are Upcycled and a part of us reaching a Zero Waste Goal. 


Kindly DM us on instagram or whatsapp us on 9654822890 if you have any questions about the same or any customisation request.


Please note that express shipping doesn't apply to Made to Measure/Order products.

    • Soak your silk products in lukewarm water less than 30 degrees celsius. Rinse it with cold water.
    • Use only mild detergents and fabric conditioners. Try to use pH neutral detergent or a silk shampoo. 
    • Do not put your silk products in washing machine. 
    • Do not bleach, wring or tumble dry your silk products. 
    • Do not dry your silk products in direct sunlight. 
    • Iron on the fabric only in silk setting i.e. low temperature setting. It is a purely natural fabric made of protein which can get destroyed due to excessive heat. 
    • Do not mix with other colours and always wash your silk products separately. 
    • Do not spray perfume or anything on your silk products to avoid stains. 
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